No more reason as to why? Loads of reasons why we do fitness, loads of gyms, machines, advice – loads trying to work out new ways of taking your hard earned cash out of your pockets – loads looking at advanced techniques, advanced courses , being extra fit, multi purpose, crossfit…!!!! There is nothing new in most supposedly NEW ways to get fit, its all about re branding, makes more money and stops us getting bored.

Well keep your money in your pocket and find something you enjoy, where you don’t have to go and spend on the latest, the best. go and meet new people, make new friends and above all OPEN YOUR EYES to what is around you – get outside, get outdoors, de stress in a cost effective way that is all things for fitness...NORDIC WALKING…it may not be to everyones taste, but if it is you will wonder why you waited so long, to find out if it is for you try a 45 min taster session, equipment supplied quote ‘WHY PIC 1’ to get your taster free with NWUK at Fowey Valley, based in Doublebois – open your eyes – you have nothing to lose..

Updated: April 5, 2019 — 8:27 am