Very happy to share our latest article published at #SportsMedicineOpen2020:
The second paper of PhD of Natália Gomeñuka! Congrats Naty and Locomotion!!
1) We prove that free and Nordic walking can increase the metabolically optimal speed of elderly people.

2) When elderly train with poles, they can train:
with lower perceived exertion (when the load is metabolically controlled)
resulting in higher gains in economy (when the perceived exertion is controlled)

3) Also, train with poles increases the movement of upper limbs (no diff in free walk train) accompanied by lower co-contraction in shoulder muscles (increase the mech/apparent efficiency (?)).

4) The EMG amplitude (in leg and arm muscles) is reduced after walking training (with or without poles) but not the co-contraction at lower-limb muscles. And the EMG patterns change, particularly, the Gastroc Med become more ‘phasic’ than ‘tonic’.

5) The metabolic cost of walking is reduced after Nordic and free walking mainly due to contractile machinery (mitochondrial eff) and reduction on shoulder muscles’ co-contraction (pendular recovery and total mechanical work is preserved).

Updated: January 17, 2020 — 4:22 am