Our lives can often be chaotic and we can be kept so busy we very often forget to find ‘Me’ time, this is important for us to de stress, ‘un clutter our minds’ and re charge the batteries.

If we are not fit, we will not function, therefore to function full, we must be fully fit.

I always explain to clients and fitness classes that fitness is a circle that surrounds us, we are at the centre, within the circle we have our relationships, work, friends, family and also physical and mental fitness, – there are many part of our lives which make up ‘Fitness’ – it is not simply gong to the gym, it is striking the right balance and our aim is to be happy and fulfilled, we all want to en rich our lives.

Personal fitness should be enjoyable and fun, therefore make sure you are doing an activity that you like, where you may meet new people and where you have fun, improving your social life, this is important especially when starting out or you will be not reach any goals you set.

Ok now i have given my thoughts. let us make a start,. let’s keep it cost effective, let’s have fun and let’s feel the improvements, let us build a workout session which is safe, cost effective and is done at home. Two exercises each edition

If I told a client embarking on a Personal Training plan to complete 100 squats per day, three things would happen ,

1 I would be laughed at

2 it simply wouldn’t happen

3 i wouldn’t see them again

so your exercise in this edition is the squat, (simplified) it works the largest muscles in the body, we burn a large amount of calories using the legs, it improves stability and balance, it tones the legs and butt and helps the knees remain strong , it will work the entire body and not just the legs.

All we need to do is every time we sit down do it 10 times before getting comfortable, every time we stand up, again do it 10 times before walking off, make a note of each time during the day and add it all up before going to bed, I guarantee you will be surprised at the amount you have completed, if 10 is too much, then start at 3, you may look like you can’t make your mind up if you want to sit or stand, just do the exercise at home, others may smile, as you will, nut at the end of your first week you will feel the benefits.

Spinal mobilisation  – is as, and in some aspects of fitness more important than stretching, the simplest way is..

  1. lay flat on back on firm, but soft surface (carpet is ideal)
  2. draw knees up to chest one at a time
  3. clasp the hands around the knees
  4. gently pull knees towards chest and rock from head to the base of the spine

As we progress with this increase the range of movement, target time for this exercise is 10 – 30 seconds and complete once per day

Updated: July 26, 2019 — 8:28 am