The above link is from a study which shows that ANY type of exercise will reduce our mortality rate, its another example of scientific studies proving what fitness professional have been advocating for years – not so long ago another report informed us that walking is the best form of exercise. We do need science to help quantify and prove how good fitness is for us – or do we? Does it just raise more questions? Do studies like this make people get off the couch and take up fitness, change a diet, reduce alcohol, reduce or stop smoking? I doubt if they do, what they are is another weapon in the’Fitness tool box’ to help us get the positive message out

What will make the difference? Fitness is like Morale – it is a personal thing, an individual must have a trigger, a fitness professional must find the trigger to motivate an individual, there are many, many reasons why individuals take up fitness, there are different reasons why it is maintained or given up – we all must be motivated, we must enjoy our fitness, not find it a chore and also spread the word to other friends, family and colleagues – our topics of conversation should include what we do to remain active, it is positive – it is progressive.

Two common reasons we all have is

we want to feel good
we want to look good

this gives us confident and pride in ourselves and what we do

Whatever you do today, try at some point to bring into a conversation what activity you have enjoyed this week, you may be surprised at the reaction – it is YOU and not the Scientist who will make a difference

Updated: August 23, 2019 — 9:14 am