A new fitness session started this week at Doublebois – Wednesdays at 6,15pm are now Boot Camp Circuits – the full body workout that will work and test the whole body – as with Nordic Walking we set up our fitness classes to suit all types of people and all levels of fitness, everyone has a different perception of their level of fitness and how hard they are working, with a little encouragement we can all progress and improve – Boot Camp Circuits will achieve this and boost confidence.

This week we were dragging tyres, lifting ammo boxes, pushing wheels, hopping hurdles, raising medicine balls and for the full body in one doing Nordic walking pole squats – it was sunny, it was outside and there was much sweating and panting!!!! – A big well done to those who took part.

The weekend in Doublebois starts on a Thursday with Beamfit – a bare foot exercise class which is pilates based – this week was how to stretch your workout buddy safely and effectively, Beamfit and we finished with abdominal work, this class is varied every week, never the same it works the full body and also the grey matter, with focus and concentration along with total core work happening right from the start.

Remember whatever your level of fitness, form beginner to athlete your weekly programme should always include a type of Pilates or Yoga class.

The weather is warmer – spring is here to stay and as we turn off our central heating it is time to turn on our bodies – get out, try something new – join – get fit – meet new people – have fun – make new friends!


Updated: April 12, 2019 — 7:29 am