January – db Fitness Club Challenge…

The 3rd week in January is said to be the most depressing around the world – and that is pre covid – cb fitnesses club have shown how important mental fitness is with a fantastic approach during the month. A diet ‘Move’ challenge has helped keep the focus and although spread around the country they have worked together, offering support and importantly humour.

The challenge was that form 8am – 8 pm they had to move each hour, basically not allowed to not move for 60 mins, they used the Lesu app to keep records, some used mobiles and others the ld fashioned remembering – no matter what techniques, doing a fw chair sits in meetings squats making a cup of tea was common place. The back at work behind desks have now introduced this into their work and have sid the difference in concentration is better when not now sitting down for extended periods

More figure will be on the blog when I receive them from the guys over the weekend, all in all the aim of getting through January and getting good habits has been smashed – WELL DONE members of db Fitness Club!!!

Weekly programme below for next week

Oh and this weekend it’s FREE HOME DELIVERY on all T’s and Hoods in the store – go ketone, look good and feel good.

Updated: January 29, 2021 — 3:09 am