have a good start to 2020

Our last Nordic Walk and Beamfit session of the year have now taken place and we are looking forward to 2020 when we will re start – glad its only 2 weeks away!!

January can feel like a miserable month after the festive celebrations, back to work, colder, seemingly darker and only the prospect of a sprinkling of snow to beak the monotony

It doesn’t and shouldn’t be all doom and gloom, start the year with a new plan for yourself, be selfish and make it a ‘Me time’ – if you can get someone to join with you the it ‘our time’ Use it well, use it often and make it count, seeing it simple,

1. not always a need to find something new, just do it differently, ie walk further, a little faster, be more dedicated and don’t miss any sessions

2. don’t think about cutting the sugar intake, cut it down slowly

3. don’t totally stop the alcohol – we all like to relax in our own way so just restrict to once per week

4. drink more water – probably THE BEST thing you an do, make a note on your phone each time you have a glass

5. chill and relax a bit more, take the time to just sit, feet up – n the quiet, watching tv or listening to music

6. spoil yourself a little more, don’t ‘like’ the item in the shop, go get it

7. keep any changes small and simple, you will have more chance of achieving and starting the year in a positive way.

8. smile and say ‘hello’ to a stranger once per week when you are out and about, make your day and theirs

Updated: December 20, 2019 — 7:36 am