20,000 a day!!

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I could have aimed for 10,000 steps a day -but if you are setting a target!!!!

I am going to complete 20,000 steps every day during the month of march in aid of cancer research, obviously to raise money that will go towards curing the cancer disease and also to get my spring training regime up and off the ground.

I don’t have cancer and thankfully all of my friends, family do not, however 3 years ago I was suspected of having lung cancer, it wasn’t thankfully – but for a couple of weeks your life gets put into perspective and you have many thoughts wizzing around inside your head. SO – we knew it was the right time to change our lives, we left many fantastic clients behind in London, Nordic Walkers, personal Training, and treatment -BUT locating to Cornwall has proven to be the right decision without a doubt – Loved it in London, but Loving life in the deep South West.

Hopefully the amount I raise will make a difference for someone in the future who did not have the same news as myself .

So form tomorrow I will be planting Poles, squashing Lemons even more, I will place regular updates for progress, say a prayer for no injuries and get cracking.
Oh and if you want to do the sameā€¦get cracking too!!



Updated: February 28, 2019 — 9:33 am