2020 is YOUR vision for fitness

SO! We are well in to January and every day the TV, papers, radio and newspaper have a different diet, a different exercise routine with a different celeb – and in mid Jan we start to get the tv series and/or book to go along with it, far be it from me to be a little cynical but, is it obviously a massive money making exercise?

Well as an advocate of ‘if it works for you” then there is no problem, however you can spend an awful lot of your hard earned pennies trying to find what does work for you, and the larger companies know this.

Yes this is the time of year when we look at our lives and we really, really want to get fitter, to feel better and look healthy, we may have an aim of walking a distance or training for a marathon , targets are individual, but they must be achievable or we will be ‘set to fail’ before we have started.

BASIC GUIDE….. Only change TWO things a week, and make it simple…..one diet item and one fitness.

EG – if you smoke, simply cut down by one cigarette per week and go for a 15 minute brisk walk

If you take sugar in tea or coffee – cut it down gradually by 1/4 spoon per week and do 10 standing squats per day

The above are only simple examples, but it is how we work at LESU with clients, WHY? Because it works, it is gradual, we change slowly so the body does not feel deprived or that it is working too hard.

Obviously we all have various fitness levels and goals, so each change will vary person to person.

You can get started today by writing your own fitness/diet diary, before we make any changes we have to monitor and record what we do, this way it is controlled and you are in charge, get a small note book, carry it with you for a week, write at the front all of your food including drinks, at the back make a not of your exercise, how far you walk, stairs done, any physical activity as well as any exercise

After a week you can then start to make 2 changes per week

After 5 weeks do another weekly diary

After 10 weeks do it again

Now turn to the front pages and notice the difference!!

If you want to have the guidance remember you can complete your Nordic Walking NWUK course with us, try a taster session first – we have two Beamfit (pilates based) exercise classes per week and Personal aTrining includes indoor and outdoor work, consider a 10 week programme

Meeting new people is a gr8 way of keeping up your exercise, Nordic Walking and Beamfit are group based, Personal Training is tailored to you as an individual and we give you the expertise to manage your lifestyle in a far better way.

The choices are yours, its your life, you steer it the way you want, any ?’s let me know – click the contact link,

In the meantime below is the lates NILQUIP LBT workout sheet issued to our Beamers this week, simple, full body and fun workout – costs nothing – do it at home 0 get fitter, fell better, look good!


Updated: January 10, 2020 — 10:23 am